Travelling Camera Bag

| Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Travelling Camera Bag

This is the new additional item as part of my photography needs. My previous bag Lowepro CompuTrekker AW, is already torn apart. I love the Lowepro, been using it for more than 2 years now. Going here and there. But lately, the stitches are getting loose. I also feel tired walking around with 20kg of equipment on my back. So I decided to buy a new camera bag. Since I am a frequent traveler, I choose to have a bag with rollers so it will much easier that I can just roll the bag instead of having to carry 20kg of equipment around.

I do some research on camera bag with rollers. Searching for good quality + low price. Came across a few kind of bags.

Kata, ThinkTank, Pelican

Lowepro X200

Kata FlyBy 76 Rolling Case

Think Tank Logistic Manager

Pelican 1510

After watching this video. I was convince to buy the Pelican over the other brands.

After some close comparison. I choose Pelican 1510, for it is the best. The Pelican 1510 dimensions are allowable for cabin luggage. It has various types of padding. Pluck-out, adjustable compartments and also lid organizer. Plus, the price is not expensive compare to the other. I got it cheap at MYR890.00 (Pelican 1510 + adjustable compartments). Wanna know where I bought it? PM on our fb page (

What if my camera bag exceeded the maximum total weight of the cabin luggage?

1) Take out the heaviest body and lens
2) Attach them together
3) Hang around your neck like  tourist always do
4) Now your luggage don't exceed the weigh anymore

Hope this will help you to buy your 

Mobile camera bag.


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