KameraMin on Mahligai Cinta (Epsiode 13) TV3

| Wednesday, February 8, 2012
Hi all.. It has been quite long since the last post. We have been too busy with our wedding and corporate assignments. Not to forget the post-processing that took more hours. Today.. a dear fan of KameraMin, AkyShaky through her Twitter account. (follow us on KameraMin Twitter)

It surely made my day. awesome..! Took me sometime to search for the online video of Mahligai Cinta since I missed the live telecast. Thanks to Tonton.com.my I found the video. For those who don't know, we are the Official Photographer for Farah AF Wedding. It was an awesome wedding events, we cover all her wedding events starting from "Malam Berinai", Solemnization on Putrajaya Tasik Cruise and also her garden wedding reception at Pullman Hotel Tasik Putrajaya.

This is the link for the video
KameraMin at Farah AF Wedding

Some of the footage from the video. Sorry, video is low quality. Printscreen only.

Taking the best shot an Official Photographer can get.Other than this part, I have to squeeze in between 20-30 other photographers from media and fans. Not that easy. See this

For your information, this photo footage is around 12 minutes 30 seconds of the whole video. I appeared several times, my other team members are not so lucky. Better try next time guys.

At this point, we have reach a new height, a new achievement in wedding photography. KameraMin have grown a lot compare to our early year in photogaphy. We wish thank you to all our fans for your tremendous supports and also to all our clients who gave the honor for us to capture your lifetime wedding moments. We owe everyone a lot. And with million thanks we still need your supports for us to achieve more and improve our photography.


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